Music Classes

Classes are held weekly during term time and last between 30 and 40 minutes depending on the age of the child.

Bouncing Babies:
6 Months To 1 Year – 30 Minute Classes
The main focus of this class is to nurture the bond between parent and baby. Bouncing Baby classes understand that parents are the best educators and encourage parents to work with their child throughout the class to help your child develop a natural sense of music.

Wobblers :
1-2 Years – 40 Minute Classes
Building a childs confidence and self-esteem is what Wobblers classes focus on. Its full of energy, imagination, dancing and singing. Although we have parents present we very much encourage your child to explore the instruments and music on their own.

2 – 3 years 40 Minute Classes
Look out there’s a toddler about !  Here’s where the fun starts and the parents take a little step back. During the Wobbler & Toddler classes – movement, coordination and vocal skills are encouraged throughout the music thus helping your child to be expressive and feel confident.

3 – 5 years 40 Minute Classes
”Keep up Mums This class will keep you on your toes – with bouncing balls and action songs we guarantee that once you and your child finish this session you won’t need to do a work out again.

To check availability and price contact us or call on 07776 158923.


Classes are to be paid for in advance for each half term.
On your first visit to Lindy Lou’s you will be offered a free taster session.