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Lindy Lou’s schools program is a BRAND NEW and dynamic way of teaching Foundation Stage children, using music to access many areas of the Early Learning Goals.

Our wide range of upbeat, exciting and original songs cover a range of topics suitable for the Early Years and can be adapted to suit different ages, abilities and areas of learning.   By using music to access many areas of the early years goals you are teaching and enriching the early years curriculum though music and movement.   

Encouraging the use of sensory equipment and puppetry, these high energy sessions allow the children to explore different areas of the Early Years Curriculum through music, song and dance. The program allows the children to respond to and experiment with sounds, using a wide variety of instruments and props. Lindy Lou’s improves the children’s capacity for self-expression through performance, leading to increased confidence and self-esteem.

This program is a new and dynamic way to enthuse young children in the musical arts.  The Lindy Lou’s music programme can be used as an intervention for speech and language, fine and gross motor skills, and social and emotional health. 


Lindy Lou’s schools program can be incorporated into your Early Years setting in so many different ways: teaching a topic about animals; learning about rhythm and tempo; developing communication and language skills or improving physical development.  Let your imagination and creativity – as well as the children’s – run wild!

The sky’s the limit with the Lindy Lou’s schools program!

NuRseries & Early Years.

Lindy Lou’s fun and lively original sessions are the perfect addition to any Nursery, Pre-school or Children’s Centre environment. Working closely with the Early Years curriculum we adapt our classes to suit many different ages. Using our wide range of upbeat and exciting original songs and the latest in sensory equipment and puppetry, our high energy sessions always leave the children eager for more. At Lindy Lou’s we help improve the children’s capacity for self-expression through performance. We allow the children to play and experiment with sounds using a wide variety of instruments and props. Lindy Lou’s is a new and dynamic way of teaching to foundation stage children. Rhythm, tempo, ways to make sounds, response songs, numeracy, literacy, science, covering so many of these early years goals listed within the foundation curriculum.  Our music can be incorporated into many aspects of learning.

“A whole bucket full of fun and energy for all”  Lord Williams School Day Nursery, Thame

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